• HDMI KVM Switch 8 Ports

    HDMI KVM Switch 8 Ports, engineering grade product. One set of mouse keyboard and monitor can control 8 computers. One-click switching, plug and play. Support 4K30Hz, 1080P60Hz.1. ServicesFactory pric

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  • HDMI Dual Monitor KVM Switch

    With the continuous upgrading of ports, the equipment we buy may not only have HDMI ports, but also DP ports. When we have 2 hosts, how to share 1 HDMI and 1 DP display at the same time? This product can effectively solve this problem: 1. First, let's introduce the connection method. Connect the DP and HDMI ports of PC1 of the switch to host 1 respectively, and connect the DP and HDMI ports of PC2 of the switch to host 2 respectively.

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  • HDMI KVM Wireless Extender 200m

    HDMI KVM Wireless Extender 200m, engineering grade product. Barrier-free audio and video transmission within 200 meters. Support 1080P60Hz. No driver required, just plug and play.1. ServicesFactory pr

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  • How to pick an HDMI version. What's the difference between the different versions?

    The main difference between the different versions of HDMI is the increase in the transmission bandwidth. If the face of consumers is the most intuitive is the increase in resolution. Consumers can roughly understand the purchase requirements of different versions or a detailed form selection for door-to-door according to the following needs:

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  • Application about HDMI Extender

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